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About our company

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Syncom Labs was originally founded in 2013 and appeared in small runs on the Scandinavian and Dutch market.
Initially, we focused only on the basics of the pharmaceutical means that are useful for sports.

In 2016 we changed the design for the first time and found partners in England and the US, as well as in South America.
We always followed the trends and growth of bodybuilding and fitness scene.

Since the year 2018 we changed our design again, found new ones partners and created authentication features, which are on the cartons for the vials.
those features are important to guarantee counterfeit free products.

We are a team of people who have a broad knowledge of technologies, as well as standards, the production of pharmaceutical agents serve.
Finally we grew and support a big market around the whole globe.
What we want in future is an good connection to our customers, wh we can support with fast informations and news.
In year 2020 we have updated our homepage for checking oficial resellers or our products by product codes or e-mail addresses.
We are still working on many things to guarantee always the best for you as customer.

High quality standarts

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To offer you the best quality on the market, we strive with all new innovations of raw material quality assurance, the drug synthesis and the final packaging of our products to keep up.

In our laboratories we use the latest chromatographs generation, with which we have our own reference base for standard drugscan develop.
Every time we purchase a raw material, it becomes standard compared and then approved for manufacturing.
We supply raw materials with a purity of at least 98.5%!

For the production of medicals based on oil, we use exclusively natural oils with double filtration!
This even allows products with increased concentration of the organism can be easily absorbed.
For product filtration we use ceramic filters that are crystal clear products result.

The oils are castor,-grape seed,-and ethyl oleate oils.

The 4% benzyl benzoates and 1% benzyl alcohol use remain stable and sterile and solve the active ingredients optimally, this allows for optimal and pleasant injection.

The ethyl oleate is used to dilucate injection solutions and we keep the share below 20%, which is almost every consumer presents itself as tolerable.