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Check the authenticity of your product and scratch off the hologram on the carton box of your product

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Counterfeit prevention

What guarantees you to have bought an original product ?

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Rectangular packaging.

Logo on the top and bottom of the packaging is printed in silver foil.

A hologram sticker is implemented into the sticker.

The product name on the packaging is marked with lacquer.

Embossed logo on the front and back of the packaging.

We have put a label with hologram and a scratch off code on the carton of the product.

Make sure that you have a hologram stripe on the top of the carton and every product has his own code.

You can check the code after scratching off the hologram sticker on the packaging.

The Lot number and EXP date is punched instead of stamped

The cans with the capsules are provided with an authentication sticker with a code