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What shall you know about our products

We take into account that there is still a little injection fluid left in the needle after an injection, so we fill a little more than 10ml into our vials.

Each production series is precisely adjusted to production before production, which includes all settings for the filling, stirring, tablets or capsule machines.
All raw materials are checked before processing and are not approved for production if there are any discrepancies.
For quality assurance we regularly commission Lab4Tox for independent analysis, which can be found in the menu under Analyzes.
Unfortunately Simec may no longer do any analyzes for us.

Some manufacturers demonize ethyl oleate because it is said to cause pain, but in combination with a low benzyl benzoate and high natural carrier oil content it is very well tolerated.
We do not use grape seed oil because many people are allergic to it and, among other things, do not even know it , we do not process it in our injection solutions.
It is common for many manufacturers to use over 10% benzyl benzoate.
We only use it with Winstrol, Viromone and Dianabol inject, otherwise all products are with 1 % Benzyl benzoates dissolved.

We pay huge attention to preservation of health, that`s why we carefully sterilize all our oils for intramuscular injections
When using our oils you can be sure you will never catch staphylococcus or any other bacteria.

Each of our customers can express their wishes and ideas at any time, which we can then take into account in product development and manufacture.
We often make surveys about new products and inquire as much as possible.

We do not use rubber caps in our vials, which can be damaged under oil impact with the time.
As result tiny particles off the rubber can get off when inserting the needle and fall into oil or get into the needle causing dangerous to health consequences.
We use silicon caps instead of rubber caps, which do not have this shortcoming and are oil-resistant.

Our product range has unique compounds, which most of other sources can`t offer.
For example, GW1516 (increases endurance by times!); or many other SARMS.
We produce oil-based stanozolol, which can be mixed with any oils and reduces the risk of abscesses.
We offer injectable methandienone, due to the missing first pass through the liver it has higher bioavailability, it means efficiency as compared against the oral versions.
At the moment we are working on several other new mixes.
We work all the time on developing new product forms and mixes.

We put a lot of effort into the design to protect customers from counterfeiting.
Our products have many security features on the packaging, which will be introduced in March 2020.
The packaging is provided with foil printing, holograms, embossing and scratch-off codes that can be checked on our site.
We hope to launch the new labels with many new security features on the market before summer 2020.
Flip-off caps with our own logos will follow by summer 2020, so that the fakers will have it even more difficult and the product will be much more beautiful for the sellers.
More on this topic can be read under Check Code.