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Oil, normally, contains small amounts of water particles.
If it is present in the cooking oil you use at breakfast, there is little need for concern.
But those same water particles which exist in an oil you are going to inject present a far greater problem.
You might know what could happen if you attempt to mix 1ml of water and 1ml of oil for your injection.
But this is only the beginning, because the water itself is a very good medium for bacteria to reproduce in stark contrast to sterile oil.
Therefore we put great care into excellent oil dehydration to minimize all health risks which just could happen.
Many cheap oil based steroids on the market can not offer the same guarantee at their production.
Syncom Labs can offer these measures with high performance equipment at a decent price, because it remains one of the few manufacturers that is able to offer.

Are you aware of under what circumstances and how the labs you from where you purchase of filter their final products?
The syringe filters are often used in labs with lesser quality, but they are not really reliable.
There is needed proper filter would need to be at least 22 micrometers as a minimum.
If you can imagine to sieve oil through a filter is a process of an average size to meet commercial demand, you would need at least 450 kPa of pressure.
This is simply impossible without sufficient equipment,professional vacuum pumps or compressors designed for pharmaceutical manufacturer use, a pressured air dryer and a large quantity of filters including cyclons.
No labs which are selling cheap products possess this cost prohibitive, professional equipment.

Do you know if and how other manufacturers avoid fast oxidation and how they avoid double bond (olefinic bond) sequences in ethyl oleate?
Olefinic bond is the cause of a unsaturated condition of EO.
All unsaturated acids are highly attracted to all olefin-type combination reactions.
Most labs use standard rubber caps and vials which are purchased from ordinary online supply stores.
Ethyl oleate as a solvent or carrier oil can react with rubber causing its oxidation which can be dangerous.
With time, the rubber degrades.
So we ask how many and which manufacturers use a non toxic, hypoallergenic thermoplastic rubber which additionally is able to mitigate this shortcoming?
Do the manufacturers even know this?

Many labs will tell you that they use benzyl alcohol as an antiseptic agent to keep the solutions sterile , but do they know that it is truly only effective if the conditions are very specific and controlled?
One of the strongest conditions being the pH level of oil benzyl alcohol loses its antiseptic efficiency at a pH level 5 or 7.
Do they have the capabilities and machines to control for this?
If you use a cheap testosterone product from an lab with bad capabilities, your bloodwork may indeed reflect that it contained active hormone.
But we ask you, what will happen with longterm storage of such a product like this?

Benzyl alcohol, while effective against gram positive bacteria, is not really sufficient against gram negative bacteria which have a thicker cell membrane, making them resistant to not only Benzyl alcohol but many preserving agents trully in general.
What preserving agents are other manufacturers using against gram-negative bacteria if they are even using them at all?
While we cannot disclose the specific technologies we use as part of our production secret, but we can guarantee we have the means and the will to use those in our oils.
Neglecting the use of parabens, chlorobutanol, and other such agents just clearly implies illegal production and korrilates with the intent to sell as many products as possible with minimal expense for manufacturing.This is no longterm strategy of precautions thereof.
Whether or not a customer intends to use a product two or three years down the road is certainly of no concern to them, which poses a serious question of concern to consumers.
So we would like to ensure you that we have the industrial scale equipment and the technical prowess to ensure all of those standards about we are writing and plenty more we cannot disclose.
But with that comes a greater cost than what you would find in unprofessional underground laboratories.

We absolutely do not want to influence you when making your purchase, but we would like to point out why the reputation of underground laboratories is simply unprofessional.
Every client should be informed about the conditions under which a much higher price is created.
Thank you for taking the time to read these facts and we wish you a lot of fun with the site.